Thursday, March 3, 2011

Title Fight 2.0

My sophomore release about Title Fight, swallowing cinnamon, Black Eyed Peas, and their latest record. enjoy.

Friday, October 22, 2010

craigslist scammer

I wonder in what world this person thought this would work.

Hi, I am interested in renting the guest house you have posted on craigslist. I have a few questions about the place:
1. what is the square footage?
2. what is the deposit and lease agreements?
3. would it be available to a couple? (we both are going to be working in downtown la)
4. what is the parking situation?

if you would like to talk feel free to contact me at 805 331 7109.

thanks for your time.

the emails in between these two was his wierdo story about the last tenant he had and my response to it. trying to keep it short and to the point here...

Robert Smith
to me

show details Oct 20 (2 days ago)

Hello ,

Thanks for your swift response and your sense of humor i am, so happy. I am glad you really understand exactly what i really mean and also your understanding . The apartment is located at (5069 Montezuma Los Angeles, CA 90042).Due to what happened to us in the past we are just so careful with the kind of tenant that will be our next tenant cause we don't to experience what you went through from our former tenant. I left the state with the key and document and did not put my home in charge of any agency.As prior the viewing of the home, I'll send you the key and document to you through a courier service such as Fed Ex or UPS so that when you receive it you can have access to view the inside of my home. plz i don't want you to make me ever regret all what I'm doing for you cause i have a high blood pressure due to what i went through from my former tenant that is why i don't want to have a heart attack.If you really want to rent our apartment i want you to promise me that you will always be a good tenant and you will always stand to your promise. i want you to fill out the rent application details below so that i can have it in my file.The lease is for 6months, a year or longer just let me know how long you intend renting it.

tim riley
to Robert

show details Oct 20 (2 days ago)


I would appreciate it if you would send me a legitimate rental application and an address that i can have it sent or faxed to. Please excuse me if i come off as rude but your willingness to mail a key to your home to a complete stranger makes me think that you are a scam. please indicate tonight if you are not, otherwise my interest is lost, thank you.

Robert Smith
to me

show details Oct 20 (2 days ago)

I will have your address and phone number ,you can't run away with my keys,I know its look strange to me,But the way you sound make me feel happy...

tim riley
to Robert

show details Oct 20 (2 days ago)

alright well go ahead and send it then.
141 holly ave apt 9
carpinteria ca

Robert Smith
to me

show details Oct 21 (1 day ago)

Good,But you will have to pay for half of the security deposit fee,Before i can ship it you ,that will make me believe that you really want the apartment.
to robertsmith0112

show details 3:45 PM (23 hours ago)

Ya no problem. If you give me your address i can send you a bag filled with my own shit you scamming low life. Learn how to speak english.

tim riley
to robertsmith0112

show details 7:38 PM (20 hours ago)

I'll paypal you $25 if you call me and let me curse you off over the phone you scamming piece of shit. This is a legitimate offer, if you are so into making easy money that you try to take advantage of people looking for a place to live then please, by all means, give me a call. you little fucking pussy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gil Vicente

fucks given by this man.

Monday, August 23, 2010

how to get yourself banned from carpinteria

this is a retold story.

can't slow down the saves the day album has been on for ten minutes when she asks, "who is this??"

reply-"oh its saves the day"
she- "oh"and maybe a slight nod of the head realizing she just asked a dumb question being the hardcore/alternative girl she was.
traffic inches forward, another ten minutes go by.

she turns the music down to speak, hoping to interject some sort of knowledgeable comment as a grasp for redemption...

"ya know i think that saves the day is really influenced by shook ones."

the driver immediately jerked the wheel into the center divider sacrificing his life to take hers.

it actually just ended with no reply to the last comment but i could have seen that happening too.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tigers Jaw interview

Tigers Jaw is a very interesting group of people. Very nice, very talented people.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

what happens when you get a haircut at a party??

apparently you get a party haircut. ouch.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is a band called Bear in Heaven. I think its cool, you might too.